VisitorBay sign-in app

Allow your visitors to check themselves in, automate host alerts and spend more time on warm greetings.

Branding and customization

Brand identity is important. Quickly and easily customize the look and feel of the VisitorBay sign-in application, including colors and company logo to suit your requirements.

Easy sign-in and return visitors

VisitorBay makes the sign in process incredibly easy and user friendly. Returning visitors are remembered for express sign-in on additional visits.

Host notifications

Automatically notifies hosts of visitors arriving to allow your reception to focus more on greeting guests and less time tracking down employees.

Badge printing

Easily print customized visitor badges directly from your office iPad with the optional wireless enabled printer.

Customized NDA's and office policies

Require users to view and accept office policies and NDA's directly from your office iPad sign in device.

Visitor photo capture

Capture photos of your visitors to be displayed on visitor badges and stored in the database. Photos can also be sent to hosts for easy visitor recognition.

Improve office modernization and security

Know who is in your offices at any given time and view historical guest reporting. Revamp your offices frontend with a modern and user-friendly sign-in experience.

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VisitorBay dashboard

Access VisitorBay from any computer or mobile device. View and manage visitors in real-time and manage your office locations with ease.

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Spend more time greeting your guest and less time signing them in

  • Host notifications

    VisitorBay notifies your hosts of new guests arriving when signing in with your office iPad. Photo capture means your hosts know who they are looking for. Learn more→

  • Effortless badge printing

    Badge printing provides a quick and secure way for new guests to sign-in to your office. Customize the look and feel of your badges within the VisitorBay dashboard and verify that guests are authorized to be on your premises. Learn more →

  • Visitor notes and VIP

    Make detailed notes and be notified of VIP's expected to arrive at your office. Learn more →

  • Visitor photo capture

    Capture photos of your visitors to be sent to hosts for easy visitor recognition. Photos are also stored to visitor profiles in your dashboard for reference at any time. Learn more →

visitor agreement signing

Legal document signing

Require that new guests review and sign office policies, NDA's or documents directly on your office iPad. Refer back to signed policies at any time with convenient digital storage of these documents in your dashboard.

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visitor pre-registration

Pre-registration and visitor directions

Send your visitors pre-registration information by email that can be completed before, or on the day of their visit. Include any office policies, directions or parking instructions within the invite and schedule meeting reminders. When pre-registered visitors arrive to your office, the sign-in process is even simpler.

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Additional features

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Multiple office location management

Setup and assign administrators for each office location or assign a master account for management of all locations. Permissions can be configured and changed at anytime in the admin dashboard.

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Visitor data and reporting

Access reporting and data on all visitors who are currently on-site or have ever signed-in to your office locations.

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Cloud data storage

All your account and visitor data is stored in the VisitorBay cloud for easy access from any computer or smartphone device providing ease of use and backup assurance.

office security icon

Enforce office security

Know exactly who is in your office at any given time. Assign notes and watchlists for unauthorized guests and capture photos for identification and enforcement of office security policies.

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Admin role access

Customize role access for effective management of front end reception staff, as well as global account administrators.

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Employee dashboard

Employees in the host database have invite access to the dashboard for pre-registration invites and management of visitors and contacts.