Revolutionizing the way offices manage visitor sign-in.

VisitorBay is a tech forward, tightknit team of people with a mission to revolutionize the way that offices manage visitor sign-in and security. Replace your office logbook with a beautifully crafted digital sign-in experience residing on your office iPad, designed to make visitor sign-in simple, trackable and secure.

Founded on the principles of modernization and an exceptional experience, VisitorBay aspires to set our clients front reception apart from the others. We believe that with the evolution of technology and a little willpower, companies can leverage incredible opportunities to change how day to day tasks are completed. Some which have commonly overlooked as just the statusquo.

Let us help you create that next lasting first impression. One that your guests will surely talk about. After all, first impressions are important and so is the security of your office.

A mission to redefine visitor sign-in, while operating as a company with strong values

Create lasting impressions

Our mission is to create lasting impressions through digital technologies that help our clients stand out from the rest. An experience that changes the expectations of what a modern office can be.

We’re in this together

We are a driven team of likeminded people who work together to collaborate and make new ideas come to life. Suggestions are always openly accepted and we support each other in the office place through collaboration, mutual respect and team-work.

Always learning

Feedback from staff and clients helps us to grow, not only as people, but as a company. We value client feedback and often even implement new features as a result!

Work-life balance

Life is more than just work. VisitorBay believes in a work-life balance that fuels energy, collaboration and corporate sustainability through happy people willing to go the extra mile.

Visitor management tools that exceed expectations

We believe that organizing meetings and managing visitors should be easier. VisitorBay's office management tools provide a rich and modern feel to offices. Emphasis has been placed on designing solutions that are intuitive and easy to use for both end-users and clients alike. In fact, we integrate so seamlessly within your company you may wonder how you did without us for so long. We would love for you to give us a try!