Capture photos of your office visitors

Not only does photo capture provide a modern look and feel to your visitor sign-in process, it also assists hosts in determining who they are looking for on first introduction meetings. Photo capture is also an extremely effective tool in achieving office security. Each photo is assigned to your visitor's dashboard profile for easy reference at any time. When your visitors sign-in with VisitorBay, the app utilizes your office iPad's front facing camera to automatically snap a photo of your visitor during the sign in process. An easy way to increase office safety, security and to make first introductions a little bit easier.

Manage visitor photos all in the dashboard

When new users sign-in to your office for the first time, their photo is automatically assigned to their profile in your dashboard making it easy to identify users on follow-up visits to your office. Has your visitor’s appearance changed over time? Allow visitors to take a new photo on each visit for updated identification records.

Automated photo capture

Capture photos of new visitors for easy identification and storage in their profile.

Emergency evacuation

Have photos of visitors currently on site for evacuation procedures.

Visitor identification

Refer back to visitor photos at any time in the dashboard for easy reference at any time.

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