Increase office security and awareness with visitor iPad sign-in

Knowing who's in your premises is an important part of any office being secure. Unfortunately, most companies rely on manual processes to keep unwelcomed guests out and security can often slip through the cracks, especially at peak times.

Monitoring potential unwelcomed guests to your office with visitor sign-in watchlist and blacklist functions mean that enforcing office security is effective in ensuring that these visitors are flagged for immediate security action. The optional VisitorBay badge printer validates that visitors have followed the sign-in process and users not displaying a badge are spotted as unauthorized on premises.

Visitor dashboard

Know who is in your office in real-time with the visitor dashboard, accessible from anywhere.

Badges and photos

Require that visitors take photos and print badges with the optional photo and badge printing functions.

Visitor data protection

Increase protection of visitor data by keeping information stored in the cloud and not on a front desk.

Watchlist and blacklist capabilities

Keeping notes and being aware of your visitors is helpful and with the assistance of watchlist and blacklist functions, VisitorBay is able to provide customized notifications based on the type of visitor arriving to your offices. If a special guest is on a VIP watchlist for instance, a customized notification is provided for special treatment to both your receptionist, as well as your host. If a visitor is placed on a blacklist, your front-end reception is immediately notified and enforcement of office security polices can be properly actioned.

Emergency and evacuation notifications

We all hope that an emergency will never happen, but if an emergency does occur VisitorBay provides helpful tools in being able to ensure that all visitors are accounted for and exit your building safely.

Evacuation list

Know who is in your office in the event of an emergency. View and export evacuation lists at any time in the dashboard and from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone device. Even if that means once you are safely outside of your building.

Emergency notification

The emergency notification option in the dashboard allows you to send a customized emergency notification by email, text message or both. Once an emergency alert is sent, all visitors currently checked in to your office are notified and evacuation instructions can be provided.

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