Automate office document signing

Office policies and confidentiality are important and a requirement within many organizations. Having users sign a manual document can be inconvenient and time consuming to store and track in the event that a legal document needs to be referred back to. Protecting intellectual property and having users accept non-disclosure agreements "(NDAs)" is easy with VisitorBay. The optional document signing feature displays your office policies, NDA's and any other legally binding documents for acceptance by your office visitors in the form of a digital signature directly on your office iPad during the visitor sign-in process. Immediate digital storage of your signed documents means less hassle and a time effective process in collecting and storing your legal office documents.

Your office legal documents, your way

Fully customize your office legal documents in your dashboard by choosing a template and inserting text. This then translates to a form on your office iPad during the sign-in process. It's that simple to setup an effective process to capture visitor acceptance of any required office documents and policies.

Customized documents

Fully customize your office documents to your requirements.

Cloud storage

Automatically store signed documents to the VisitorBay dashboard for backup assurance and ease of reference.

Pre-registration invites

Pre-registration visitors are able to review and sign required documents before their visit directly on their smartphone.

Automatic visitor information

Easy templates

Visitor type customization

Digital storage

Email distribution

Document expiration

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