Allow your visitors to pre-register for any even easier sign-in experience

Provide your visitors the convenience of allowing them to pre-register for meetings before they even arrive to your office by sending them a pre-registration email with their meeting information. Include your office location, directions and other information that they may find helpful such as parking details, or how to find your specific location once they enter your office building.

With pre-registration, your front desk also knows who they should expect to arrive on any given day in the VisitorBay dashboard, as well as the ability to print visitor badges for pre-registered guests in advance. This is especially helpful for VIP visitors or to add that extra personalized greeting when guests arrive.

VisitorBay makes it easy to complete pre-registration invites

Email invites

Add VisitorBay invites to your calendar appointments and a customized pre-registration meeting invite is sent to your attendees.

Employee dashboard

Employees can send invites in their staff dashboard. Once they are in the system, they are sent login details automatically.

Expected visitors

Employees and front-end staff can easily monitor pre-registration invites for a warm greeting and easy sign-in process.

Pre-registration simplifies the sign-in process

Pre-registered users can sign-in quicker when arriving to your office for the first time, meaning an even easier sign-in process with the ability to review, sign and accept office legal documents such as your NDA before their meeting time. All of the visitor pre-registration details are saved to their profile automatically and reception can view lists of expected visitors for the day in the dashboard and even complete expedited sign-in's for visitors directly as they arrive.

Quick sign-in

Pre-registered visitors sign-in even quicker when arriving to your office with the ability to review and accept office legal documents such as an NDA before their meeting time. All pre-registered visitor details save to visitor profiles for expedited sign-in on arrival.

Optional dashboard sign-in

Your front end can always sign-in users manually with the VisitorBay dashboard. Pre-registered guests make it even easier in the event you wish to avoid them signing in on your office iPad all together. A one click sign-in completes the process and prints your visitor badge.

Meeting details in advance

VisitorBay invites provide helpful office information and an efficient process from hosts to you front desk staff. A more coordinated approach to visitor invites means a warmer welcome and a happier process.

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