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Commonly asked questions

How difficult is VisitorBay to setup?

VisitorBay was designed to be extremely easy to setup and configure. Setup a new office location in your VisitorBay dashboard and we will walk you the process of your new location setup step by step. Setting up a new location usually only takes a few minutes.

How is an office location defined?

Each iPad sign-in device is considered an office location. Most companies have one iPad sign-in device per off location, but it's also common to have multiple iPad sign-in devices in one office for multiple entry points. Each of these locations will require a new license and you can name each location accordingly.

What iPad is required to operate VisitorBay?

Any iPad running the latest firmware can be used to operate the VisitorBay sign-in app. We carry a variety of products in our store. Please sign-up for an account and view our line of recommended products. VisitorBay currently supports iOS only.

Which plan is best for me?

Each customer may have a different requirement. That's why we have created flexible pricing to support varying needs. If you are not sure which plan may be best for you, feel free to try our free no obligation demo. You can change your price plan selection and order new hardware at any time after you start with VisitorBay as your needs change.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

There are no cancellation fees on monthly plans and a pay-as-you-go solution. If the annual pre-paid plan is selected at checkout, all fees are non-refundable. You can select to auto renew or cancel at the end of the annual term with no penalty.

Is my data safe?

We take security seriously. Our servers are located in a world class Canadian data center with the highest of security compliance. 24-hour video surveillance and full high-level 256-bit encryption mean that your data is safe and secure with VisitorBay.