Manage multiple office locations from one dashboard

VisitorBay makes it easy to manage one, or several office locations directly in one administrator dashboard. Start with a single office and scale when you’re ready. The process is designed to be simple and effective to manage whether you're a small business with a single location, or a large enterprise with several hundred. Remote assistance and account management options are available to enterprise clients with several office locations.

Office location management

AEasily setup single, or multiple office locations in the dashboard and scale at any time.

Connected device status

View each office location and the status of connected office iPad devices.

Scalable billing

Pay only for the offices active on your account and scale at any time with centralized billing.

Office location management directory

View office details and locations from one administrator login. Adding new offices and connected iPad devices is easy. Just add a new location in the dashboard, select your required hardware and you are setup and ready to deploy a new office location.

View the status of each connected office iPad device

Managing connected office iPads and their status is easy in the dashboard. View all connected devices and determine whether connectivity issues are present. Create redundancy with cellular enabled iPads where in office Wi-Fi is a concern.

Location and administrator management

Grant different types of access to your office locations through user permissions. Global administrators have access to all functions and office locations, where front desk reception may have limited access to view and manage that specific office location.

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