Cloud based visitor sign-in

Trying to keep track of visitors with manual paper sign-in logbooks is both time consuming and ineffective in retrieving visitor information post visit for communications purposes, or even for a safety and security concerns. With VisitorBay, all of your visitor contact and reporting details are stored in the cloud-based visitor sign-in dashboard with access from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

VisitorBay allows a cost effective digital and modernized way for your visitors to sign-in to your office. Replacing your manual logbook also provides increased data security with visibility by only your teams and not prying eyes.

Maintenance free

Increase protection and wow your visitors at the same time with a fresh and modernized office sign-in process.

Increased data protection

Store all your visitor data in the cloud and avoid other visitors scanning your log book.


Never lose touch again. Thank your visitors for coming in to your office and follow up with visitors post visit.

Easy setup and scalability

VistorBay was designed to be easy to setup, manage and deploy new office locations within the dashboard. Not only is VisitorBay easy to manage on the backend, it's also just as easy for your visitors to use when signing-in.

Full management from one dashboard

Easily access and manage all of your office locations and connected iPad devices within the dashboard at any time from an internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

Offline mode

If your VisiorBay office iPad becomes disconnected from the internet, users can still sign in and print badges as normal. The data is stored directly on the iPad and when a connection is reestablished, all of the visitor data will backup and synchronize as normal.

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