Keep notes on your visitors for special treatment and security

Say a certain Executive, or a special client visits your office. Does your reception know who they are greeting and whether special treatment may be required? Keeping a record of special instructions for VIP visitors and potential threats to your office has never been easier. With VisitorBay's notes and watchlist capabilities, determining how to address each user is actionable, effective and easy to implement.

Easily customize and manage from your visitor dashboard

Assign notes for each visitor to determine how your front reception should be greeting them on each visit to your office.

Watchlist and blacklisted visitors

Do you have a visitor that may have breached your office policies? Or maybe a visitor with questionable intentions? When users are placed on a blacklist they are flagged and your reception is immediately notified on sign-in attempts for security process to be followed. Users on a watchlist are also flagged with reception and your hosts can be notified to keep everyone aware of potential threats to your office. This allows for concise tracking and action in the event unwelcomed guests visit your office location.

Office security, VIP treatment and VisitorBay notes, a perfect match.

Visitor notes

Detailed notes on visitors for displayed to receptionists and hosts.

Pre-register visitors

Use the preprint option for visitors who pre-register before their meeting.


Powerful Intel on your visitors and potential threats to your office.

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