Send notifications to hosts when visitors arrive to your office

With VisitorBay, your guests are welcomed to a modern and sophisticated office from the time they walk in. With a warm welcome from reception, your visitor continues to sign-in to your office iPad. In just a few steps your visitor completes their sign-in and the host is automatically notified of a new visitor arriving to see them in real-time. All the visitor sign-in information is sent to your host, meaning they know exactly who is there to see them.

First introductions are easy with the help of VisitorBay photo capture. Never again will your staff question who they are looking for when new visitors arrive to your office. This is especially helpful in interviews, or the first time meeting a client or vendor.

Real-time host notifications

Host notifications

Automatically notifies hosts when new visitors arrive to your office. Notifications can be sent by email and SMS text message.

Photo capture

Capture photos of your visitors to make sure that hosts know exactly who they are looking for.

Customize templates

Customize the look and feel of host notifications in the VisitorBay dashboard.

All the information your visitors needs to know who has arrived to see them.

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