Effective reporting on visitors to your office locations

With VisitorBay reports, knowing who's currently in your office, or has ever visited your office locations is easily achieved with visitor reporting. View and manage visitors in the dashboard, or export to Excel. Actionable insights mean a more secure and aware office. Creating detailed notes on visitors, whether VIP or a potential threat to your company is achieved through the visitor notes function.

Visitor frequency

Determine the number of times a visitor has been at your office locations and the purpose of their visit.


Monitoring potential threats to your company is easier with visitor notes and the watchlist functions in the dashboard.

Post visit contact

Never lose touch again. Thank your visitors for coming to your office and follow up with sales leads with clients once they leave.

Automate post contact rules

Setting up automated post contact visitor emails can be completed in the dashboard. Thank visitors for coming and welcome them back at any time. Following up with visitors post meeting is also easy with their contact details are stored in the dashboard.

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