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A complete visitor management system, made in Canada

Modernize and transform the way that your visitors sign-in to your location with one simple and easy to use visitor management system.

With VisitorBay's visitor management system you can screen and sign-in visitors (contactless QR sign-in available), monitor real-time visitor counts and report on your visitor data seamlessly.

VisitorBay is proudly Canadian and serves customers across Canada and the US to facilitate thousands of visitor sign-ins each day.

visitor management system Canada

VisitorBay Event Registration

Make your next big event a hit with VisitorBay. Use our custom QR code sign-in technology to register and capture event attendees, making post visit communications a breeze.

VisitorBay event registration is perfect for trade shows, client appreciation days, team meetings, product launches, speaking events and much more.

VisitorBay can even help you design event registration pull up banners and signage. Contact us for more information.

Visitor Event Registration

A visitor management system made simple, safe and secure

A visitor management system adds a modern presence to your front desk and lobby area, but not only does a visitor management system add a great look and feel, it also provides an enhanced level of safety and security to your locations that simply can’t be achieved with paper sign-in forms.

The front lobby areas are often one of the busiest areas of a workplace. Knowing who is entering your location, automating visitors signing-in, notifying employees of new guests, requiring the signing of digital office documents and adding a direct line of sight in to post visit reporting make VisitorBay’s visitor management system the best for today’s modern workplace needs.

The VisitorBay visitor management system makes it easy to automate visitor management and interactions in the workplace, allowing your staff to focus on warm greetings and a positive guest experience. Not only does it look great, but the functionality is unparalleled.

VisitorBay is proudly located in Canada, with data housed in world class Canadian data centers.

Improve office security & evacuation procedures

Print customized visitor badges

Customized invitations and VIP pre-registration

Visitor management system notifications

  • Host notifications

    Hosts are notified instantly of visitors who are arrived to see them.

  • Visitor notifications

    Visitors are welcomed and provided important office information by email.

  • Single touch messaging

    Employees can notify guests if there are running on time or whether they may be running a few minutes late with single touch contact options.

Visitor history

  • Know who is currently in your office, or how many times someone has visited with VisitorBay insights.

Cloud based visitor management system Canada

Manage sign-in devices, visitors and setup company branding and policies with ease all in the cloud, accessible from anywhere. VisitorBay's visitor management system has you covered.