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Impress visitors

Create a modern, welcoming office with your company's personalized greeting and branding.

Print badges

With VisitorBay you can easily create customized badges to improve security and make note of office Wi-Fi passwords.

Notify hosts

Provides Instant two-way host notifications when your visitors sign-in on site to save your front desk time.

Policy signing

Visitors can view and sign your office policies, NDA or safety documents directly on the iPad before they even arrive with VisitorBay invites.

Spend more time greeting your guests and less time notifying your employees

VisitorBay provides a modern and user-friendly sign-in experience with full customization to your company’s branding and guest experience goals.

Improve office security & evacuation procedures

Print customized visitor badges

Customized invitations and VIP pre-registration

VisitorBay notifications

  • Host notifications

    Hosts are notified instantly of visitors who are arrived to see them.

  • Visitor notifications

    Visitors are welcomed and provided important office information by email.

  • Two-way messaging

    Employees can notify guests if there are running on time or whether they may be running a few minutes late.

Visitor history

  • Know who is currently in your office, or how many times someone has visited with VisitorBay insights.

Cloud based visitor sign in

Manage office sign-in devices, visitors and setup company branding and policies with ease all in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.