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V-SAN And VisitorBay Partner for Production Health and Safety in Canada

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V-SAN and VisitorBay collaborate to provide a unique and comprehensive health and safety system for the film and production industry.

V-SAN and VisitorBay have created an End-to End-solution to the sanitation challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic which will help film productions ensure the health and safety of their cast and crew members in a post-COVID world.

V-SAN was poised to lead in this space when its founders became the first producers to resume production during the pandemic in the spring of 2020. Using VisitorBay’s industry-leading technology platform will enable V-SAN to create deliberate action items for our sanitation team to be an ally to producers as we return to work amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As a catalyst for change, V-SAN and VisitorBay intend to accelerate long-standing principles into real-world action that will strengthen the V-SAN and VisitorBay culture as well as the film community at large.

“V-SAN believes that health and safety is key to allowing the film industry to get back to work and restoring the livelihoods of thousands that are at stake,” said Richard Greenhalgh, VP of V-SAN. “This partnership allows us to fulfill our vision to provide world-class support, resources and leadership, helping every member fulfill their goals on and off the set. V-SAN benefits immensely from the diversity of its members, and it is this attention to detail that drives outstanding performance, innovation and excellence.”

“VisitorBay is pleased to partner with an organization that shares our values,” said Brett Carrier, President of VisitorBay. “It allows us to fulfill our vision of applying a VisitorBay use case to exciting new markets. Working closely with the leadership team at V-SAN will provide us with the key insights necessary to make the film industry more safe, efficient and secure for staff on production sets.”

The founders of V-SAN are respected film specialists who have created visual experiences for over a decade. These individuals were able to sustain COVID-free production sites and a healthy crew throughout the pandemic. They found a process that worked and are now taking this craft and providing a first-class service model for COVID compliance to their clients.

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